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Welcome back to another week at the Grace & Truth linkup! Now it's time to linkup.    Grace & Truth exists to point people to Jesus! We hope this link-up will be a source of encouragement each and every week. If you're a blogger our hope is that you'll use this space as a way … [continue]

Why I Leave the Porch Light On For My Marriage

Every marriage goes through a season of struggle. I'm making a conscious decision to leave the light on for my marriage. Find out why.

Every Tuesday when I leave my house I turn the porch light on even though it’s only early afternoon. I don’t turn the light on most other days, just Tuesdays. It’s not that I’m afraid to come home to the dark doorway – I’m not. And truth be told, I’d rather not leave the light […]


Grace & Truth Linkup

Welcome back to another week at the Grace & Truth linkup! Now it’s time to linkup.    Grace & Truth exists to point people to Jesus! We hope this link-up will be a source of encouragement each and every week. If you’re a blogger our hope is that you’ll use this space as a way […]


8 Secrets to Keeping Tweens and Teens in the Family

No one enjoys moody tweens or teens who intentionally distance themselves from others, who antagonize siblings, or who resent authority. Yet if we aren't careful, that's exactly the type of child we may end up with! Here are 8 secrets to keeping tweens & teens in the family

We all know how difficult the tween and teen years can be on these children who are trying so hard to become adults. Their bodies change drastically, their friendships become more complicated, their schoolwork more intense, and they begin to get minds of their own, if you know what I mean (wink). No one enjoys […]


The Barren Places {with linkup}

God is at work in the barren places in our lives - don't give up! {plus the Grace & Truth linkup}

The Old Testament story of Hannah always captivated me. Her pleas for a child, the shame of being barren, and how the Lord answered, were so compelling. The story always seemed so tender to me – a pleading woman, a loving God, an answer to prayer. But often when I read the story, it’s just […]


When Your Marriage Could Use Redemption

Does anyone even stay in their marriage when things go wrong? Is redemption in marriage even possible?

Most weeks I like to try and share a featured post from the previous linkup, and there were some great posts! As I thought about which one to share, though, the Lord kept impressing a particular post on my heart, and so I’m coming back to that this week…and it scares me a little. While […]


A Wife’s 40-Day Fasting and Prayer Journal

Get your copy of this book to find out how fasting and prayer can bless your marriage. Find out how to get a FREE chapter!

Every once in a while I come across a very special resource that I want to share with you that is going to bless your marriage. If you’ve joined us on Facebook at all, you’ve seen various resources that I’ve shared from other bloggers. This one has me super excited! Kaylene is the heart behind […]


3 Ways to Calm Your Emotions {Before They Ruin Your Marriage}

Do you find that many of the issues in your marriage are driven by fear? There is something that can make that fear even worse - wild emotions. Here are 3 ways to calm your emotions {before they ruin your marriage}.

Have you ever looked at your marriage and wondered what has happened? Have you been completely dissatisfied with the state of everything? Have you gone so far as to maybe even ponder divorce? You’re not alone. I know that as a culture, we tend to keep doing what we do, so long as it is beneficial […]


One Thing That Will Make You Brave {linkup}

Do you know there's just one thing that you need in order to be truly brave? Join us for this week's Grace & Truth linkup!

“Brave. It’s a word that makes women everywhere sparkly and giddy because it’s something that we all wish for. It’s like something that’s so far out of reach for us. It nudges at something deep within, because if we’re brave, it means that we’ve achieved and conquered, right?” Oh, how I long to be brave – […]


When You’re in the Wrong Story

Ever feel like life just isn't going the way you think it should? Maybe like you're living in someone else's story - the wrong story? Here's hope.

Sometimes you have to be reminded that you aren’t the only one walking a tough road. When you’re stuck in the rut of day-to-day, that reminder can be just the wake up call that you need to remind you that you really aren’t in the wrong story. Someone got to my blog today by searching […]