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Protect the Quarterback

Sometimes our job is to protect the quarterback - to be the support that someone else needs ||

My dad has a way with stories - he's able to take words and paint a picture with them, to help someone remember the important facts just a little better. He's done this with Bible stories, family stories, humorous situations, and even life lessons. Recently, Dad and I were talking outside of the … [continue]

A Box of Darkness

Finding the Gift in a Box of Darkness ||

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.” -Mary Oliver   Marking time. We do this on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, days that are special for some reason or another. Many times these special days are filled with celebration, joy and […]


I Want To Tell You

I Want To Tell You... -choosing courageously- ||

I want to tell you about my day – how it started out pretty tough and I knew the first few hours would be hard, but I was ready. And then it got worse – we haven’t had a meltdown around here for a while, and this day, which was already going to be rough, […]


A New “First”

A New First - saying yes to God when He places a dream in our heart ||

We have a lot of “firsts” in life, don’t we? First breath, first steps, first school, first job, first home of our own, first child, first blog post…the list is different for each of us. Last night I had a new “first” – first time on the radio. My dear friend, Vonetta Carter, had the […]


Serving Notice

Serving Notice: No Longer Welcome Here ||

Did you ever want to serve notice – maybe at a job, in a relationship, or in a particularly tough situation from which you’d like to check out? I know I have – especially recently. And so, right now, today, I’m doing just that – serving notice “on paper” so that it’s official and not […]


The Foundation

The Foundation - what we sometimes fail to remember ||

Last night I shared about sitting in the sand, giving up on trying to fight the ongoing battle that comes with the stress of life. (The rest of this post will make a little more sense if you start by reading “And So I Sat.” Go ahead; I’ll wait here.) Sometimes we exhaust ourselves trying […]


And So I Sat

And So I Sat - finding beauty in our situation ||

Life often seems to be an uphill journey, doesn’t it? Seems we get almost where we need to be and then life comes and trips us up again. You know how that feels, too, I’m sure. And when life happens and the trip-ups seem to come one right after another, I sometimes just feel like giving up. […]


The Day I Took My Ring Off

The Day I Took My Ring Off - and what I really learned ||

Earlier this week one of our dogs jumped up and scratched my hand and lower arm. My hand was sore so I took off my wedding ring for about 36 hours, until it started feeling better. If you’ve ever had your ring off, or any item that you wear with great regularity, you know the […]


Validation: The Witch Doctor or Jesus?

Validation: The Witch Doctor or Jesus - who is more powerful? Jesus! Answering comments that have been left on the blog & standing up for Jesus ||

Validation. We all love it – that pat on the back when we are doing well, that encouraging word when we’ve met the goal, the simple reminder that we are seen and noticed. As a blogger, some of that validation comes in the form of comments. I LOVE to hear from you. I LOVE to […]


I Believe In You

I Believe In You ||

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about believing in people – considering it from every possible angle that I can. Why? Well, because I’ve been in spots when I needed someone to believe in me, and I’ve watched others who have needed someone to believe in them. I’ve seen people flourish from a simple, “I […]