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Self-Control in Marriage {Grace & Truth}

Self-Control in Marriage {Grace & Truth Linkup}

This week, I was so excited to see a particular blogger at our blog. I've subscribed to Darby's blog for some time now, I've followed her on social media, and I'm always so blessed (and often so convicted!) by her posts. This week, particularly, I was thankful for her words. They came at a … [continue]

Recognizing Progress Can Save Your Marriage

Conflict may be unavoidable in marriage, but you can look at the progress you've made within your relationship. It just might save your marriage!

We’d just finished family fun night and tucked the kids into bed, their emotional tanks filled to the brim. Now it was our time to snuggle and bask in the warm fuzzies of an evening well-done. Except by now, we were both weary and maybe slightly cranky. We walked into the bedroom only to find […]


Is There Hope for My Marriage?

Is There Hope for my Marriage? Her question caused me to look at what I've learned as I've worked through struggles in my own marriage.

Her question was simple: “Do you think there’s still hope for my marriage?”  So many thoughts came rushing to the front of my mind. I wanted to assure her, but I’m not God. I remembered being at a point in my life where I wanted the same reassurance. Who, but God, can know that answer, though?  […]


Serving Others {Grace & Truth}

Serving with Humility - join the linkup

I really appreciated a post about serving with humility this week. Sometimes I need to consider things from another point of view to really understand the situation. For example, when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, can you imagine if he complained and grumbled about it the whole time? What kind of example would that be to […]


A Small Prayer {Grace & Truth}

Welcome back to another week at the Grace & Truth linkup! I am so thankful for this space where we, as bloggers, can come and share our hearts. This week I read a post that I really appreciated. It had a gem that I hadn’t noticed before and I was able to take the writer’s words […]


3 Tips to Building Strong Sibling Relationships

3 Tips for Building Strong Sibling Bonds

I’m excited to be sharing at Jen’s blog, Being Confident of This. She’s doing a series on Family this month. You saw her post here a couple weeks back, and this week I’m sharing over at her blog. It’s a blessing to partner with another blogger who shares on the same topics and has a […]


The Advice I Could Not Give

The Advice I Could Not Give - how three small words are changing my life

Tell me if this sounds familiar: A friend shares her heart with you, longing for encouragement, and while you haven’t experienced her situation, you find yourself about to give advice. Suddenly, you realize that the words taking shape in your head and heart are words not just for her, but maybe for you, too. Anyone […]


Grace & Truth

Welcome back to another week at the Grace & Truth linkup! I am so thankful for this space where we, as bloggers, can come and share our hearts. This has been an exceptionally busy week for my family and I apologize for not having a featured post this week. Please know that I’m reading and […]


Becoming a Better Wife

A 7-day course that will encourage and strengthen your heart for marriage, from someone who shares from the wealth of her experience.

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know that I write about marriage. Maybe you even know that I told God I’d never write about marriage because so many people are more experienced in marriage, or better at encouraging people in their marriages. And yet, God gives me experiences in my […]


The Secret {Grace & Truth}

The Secret {Grace & Truth linkup}

I was reading posts from last week’s linkup, enjoying them all, appreciating how God can speak to so many places in my own heart, from these wonderful bloggers who linkup here each week. The very next post I looked at was titled, “She Was Showing Me the Secret.” I’ll admit that the title drew me […]