My Flesh and My Heart May Fail

This week we’ve been looking at Bible verses that begin with the letters in the word ‘autumn’.  The verse God laid on my heart today seems so appropriate for this time of year, as many are overwhelmed by back-to-school activities, or adjusting to new schedules, or dealing with a life that’s a little different from what they might have hoped for or expected.  Today’s verse if Psalm 73:26 –

M: My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73:26

God is the strength of my heart

Sometimes as we travel through our days and weeks, we work on getting things done – doing the things we know we need to do.  We get caught up, or at least I know I do, in a cycle of self-reliance.  For example, I don’t give a lot of thought to including God in the somewhat smaller areas of my life, like the laundry or the meal-making.  Not that I’m trying to exclude Him, but I’m not actively including Him.  I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing.

However, when that lack of focus on God, and lack of reliance on God, seep into other areas, and I find myself trying to take on things in my own strength, then that becomes a problem.  I get worn down, I get sidetracked, I lose my focus.  I grow weary so easily, even in doing all the good things.

I may become frustrated with the kids because they are all battling for my attention, rather than making time to spend with each of them.  I may get discouraged in attempting to keep up with the cooking and cleaning because I’m feeling so overwhelmed in other areas that I’m trying to manage in my own strength.

That’s where a choice to continually focus on God helps me to guard my heart.  When I actively carry God with me through each day, even through the mundane aspects that I physically can do on my own, I find that He fills my heart.

When my heart is full with God, all of the other things fall into place.  

Like the psalm-writer, I can say that God is the strength of my heart.  It’s only through His filling of my heart that I’m able to keep my attitude and actions on track, focused on God.

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