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This week at The Loft, we’re talking about spiritual warfare and sharing some of our favorite fighter verses for those times when we are in battle against the enemy.
No doubt, the enemy will not be happy that we are encouraging one another in this way.

Please know that I am praying for all who read these posts and for all who link up,
that God would provide a hedge of protection
AND that you will come away encouraged to continue fighting the good fight!

The Loft is open, come on up!


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Some of my favorite verses are the “fighter verses” – those that challenge us to get back up, to keep on going. The passage in Ephesians 6:10-20 about the putting on our spiritual armor for battle is one that has resonated with me. There is a particular piece to cover every part of us as we go into battle – a reminder that standing up to the enemy IS war.

I find, though, that when I am doing battle I often forget to rest.

Therefore, some of my favorite fighter verses aren’t about standing up, again and again, but about resting in God’s protection.

Psalm 23 – The LORD is my shepherd…and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. From beginning to end (of the passage and of our lives), He is caring for us.

Psalm 91 – He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High (vs 1)…
A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you (vs 7)…

For he will command his angels concerning you (vs 11)…
You will tread upon the lion and the cobra (vs 13)…
With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation (vs 16).

Psalm 16:8  I have set the LORD always before me; because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved.

And finally, the one that has spoken to me the most lately –

Psalm 4:8 – In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety. 

Spiritual warfare is so difficult, it takes its toll on us in every way imaginable. In my life it’s been very much like carrying the weight of my world on my shoulders. I am blessed to have family and friends who will check in on me, who will come around with chocolate or coffee (yes, really!), who will say the fighter verses that I need to hear, and who will gently and quietly remind me that God has already known what is just new to me today (on any given day). The calming, quieting words, the verses that remind me to rest – they are all refreshment to my soul in battle.

I recently watched “Facing the Giants” again, and I’d forgotten just how much this clip challenges me

I sometimes feel like this is how God can be in my life. He allows the challenge in my life and puts me in a position where I need to be warrior-strong. He meets me in the challenge and He pours out His strength and encouragement, and while I must fight the fight, He does not leave me. And when I open my eyes at the end of the challenge, I see that He was always there and the victory was secure because He would not let go. (make sure your sound is turned up…)

This is how I deal with spiritual warfare in my own life. Now it’s time for your thoughts. And if you don’t have a blog, but you want to add your thoughts, please feel free to comment at the bottom of the page and share your thoughts and fighter verses with us! 


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  1. Excellent, Rebekah, just excellent – all of it. I so needed to hear it, especially today. 🙂
    Jen recently posted…Verses That Pack a Punch (and #TheLoft)My Profile


    Rebekah Reply:

    I love how God works in our own lives as we share these posts each week, because I needed these reminders, too! 🙂


  2. Psalm 16:8…oh how I love that. To be rock solid in the midst of the battle is my hope, and I can be as long as I allow Jesus to be before me and beside me. This post is so encouraging to me, Becky. I know that God does allow challenges to come into our lives in order to grow our faith, and grow us closer to Him. As I have grown older, and walked with Him longer, I’m finding that I can have that perspective more often, even in the middle of challenges. In my current challenge, I am asking Him what He desires for me to learn as we walk through it. God’s blessings to you today, friend.
    Leah Adams recently posted…The Loft ~ A Tuesday Link Up ~ Fighter VersesMy Profile


    Rebekah Reply:

    Oh, Leah, you always offer bits of wisdom that I just scoop up and keep close to my heart. I love what you said about knowing that God allows the challenges, but that as we walk with Him day by day, He will grow our faith and keep us closer to Him. And our faith doesn’t grow in the easy times, does it? Maybe a little, but that real growing faith comes in the storms, in the challenges, in the dark times. Praying for you this evening!!


  3. Good Morning Miss Rebekah!
    This was so timely in every sense possible. So easy it is to get caught up fighting hard..and to forget to rest in what He has already done for us. I hear ya! I am the same way, always on the go. Facing The Giants is one of my favorite movies and that clip gets me emotional every single time 🙂 What a great picture of our God.
    Have a blessed week!
    CATLYN HOEPNER recently posted…Fighter Verses #TheLoftMy Profile


    Rebekah Reply:

    Yes! Life keeps us busy and I think society gives us the mentality of constantly having to be on the go. It’s exhausting – and God reminds us to come to Him for His burden is easy and His yolk is light!
    I recently watched Facing the Giants with our kids and to see their response to this scene was amazing. They were so impressed that someone was working SO hard, and that he was able to do so much when he focused only on his coach. A great reminder to keep our eyes (and ears and hearts) FIXED on Jesus!


  4. Rest. I’d never thought of it as a weapon Rebekah!

    Yes, we are currently coming up against a Red Sea here. So this morning I was asking the Lord that we respond rightly in the trial. Stand (STAND) firm and SEE the deliverance of the Lord. That is what God told Israel at the edge of the Red Sea. Basically: Rest in my deliverance.

    I love that Stand and Rest are synonymous in our warfare. I’m taking your post as a word from God for me today. 🙂
    Kathy Schwanke recently posted…A Christian’s Weapon: The Word of God * Join Us At #TheLoftMy Profile


    Rebekah Reply:

    I will be praying with you as you face the Red Sea. Praying He parts the sea for you and lets you walk through unscathed! I’m so glad that you shared this because I was thinking while I wrote it that I wasn’t sure if maybe I was totally missing the boat – wondering if anyone else forgot to rest, or stand and watch the Lord do His work. I’m so glad this was a blessing for you. Now that I’ve “put it out there” I need to remember to live it, too! The Lord WILL make a way!


  5. Wow…just what I needed this morning. I feel so alone since the passing of my husband recently. This clip brought me to tears as I feel the struggle of the battle but at the same time, I know God is with me. He has proven time and again that He is right beside me. To see the coach encourage Brady…and then to think that God is doing that for me…Some days though, it seems so lonely and I have to go to the scriptures to be reminded of His promises. To be reassured that He is what He is! Psalm 23 is always an encouragement to me. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…


    Rebekah Reply:

    Dear Ann, I am so sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. Please know that I am praying for you and trusting that God will continue to be your support each day – new mercies every morning. I pray that you find beauty in those mercies! I hope that you’ll come back and visit with me again here – I would love to continue the conversation and know how I can be praying for you! My heart just thought about John 14:18 for you – “I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.” I’m praying that you feel his comfort!


  6. Thank you for the visual. We can do anything in the battle as long as we hear His voice. “Come on! My Beloved. I have faith in you. Have faith in yourself. I know it’s a battle. I know it hurts. The battle is the Lord’s.”
    Chris Malkemes recently posted…Survival – A Conversation on The LoftMy Profile


    Rebekah Reply:

    That’s right, Chris! As long as HIS is the voice that is loud in our head and our heart, we can stand against anything we encounter! The battle is, indeed, the Lord’s – amen!


  7. Love those restful verses. It’s been a stressful few days and very thankful to read them today.
    Karen F. recently posted…Fighter VersesMy Profile


    Rebekah Reply:

    Thank you, Karen! It’s been a busy few days here and I’m in need of these verses myself! Blessings!


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