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Be Still and Know

Let’s just start this get-together by making sure we both have some coffee, or tea, or whatever your warm beverage of choice may be.  Life has been a little bumpy here lately, and it’ll be better to sit and chat over our favorite drinks.  Here, in this space, there is only grace.

Be still and know that I am God

Life doesn’t always go how we plan, does it?  The past few weeks have been nothing short of “spectacular” in the amount of things that have gone a little awry.  It’s been a long month of learning patience, because I started praying for that again, rather than pursuing perseverance.  There’s something so heart-warming about the verse in Psalm 46:10 –

“Be still and know that I am God….”

Since returning from our vacation in mid-August, I was thrown into 10 meetings the following week.  Some of these were orientations for school, but not all.  The most amazing part of it all is that I’m not even a paid employee, just a volunteer.  I love the school we use, though, and it’s been a perfect fit for our family, so I’m happy to be able to have an opportunity to learn and be able to give back!

Our first week of school was rough – some technology issues, some back-to-school protests (not just by the children…!), and the beginning of attempting to internalize our new schedule.

Be still…

Our second week of school was better, and worse.  Better, because we added in all our extras – therapy, piano, some class time with a teacher.  Worse, though, because we lost a beloved teacher.  Apparently she quit on the first Friday of school, and no further information was given.

On our first day back to therapy, both therapists reported some conversations about God, or about church – makes a mama’s heart proud to know that whatever struggles we’re facing with our son, Jesus is getting through to his heart!  We have a long road ahead of us, in terms of things that will happen this year, but I know it will be a great opportunity to gauge how much he’s learning and growing.

and know…

Our daughter had her first sleepover, here at our house, over the weekend.  What fun!  She’s really needed some good friends, as life with two brothers can get a little messy at times.  The giggling and laughter of little girls was so much fun to listen to!  I love that she has this friend, and a couple other good friends at our small group!

And here we are, into week 3 of school.  We’ve had a Music class for our 9th grader that would not work, no matter what anyone tried.  As of this week, it’s officially working!  The staff worked together to find what wasn’t working correctly, and worked to get it fixed!  And this week, I’m finding that I’m going to have to tweak our schedule a bit, in order to fit in everyone’s piano practice, schoolwork, church activities, and our family times.  I’m sure I’ll miss a meeting, or forget to do something on my list.

But do you know what I’ve found, friends?  I’ve found grace and peace in learning patience.  Before, these issues would have combined to set me into some eye-twitching, panic-mode stress.  Now, though, I’m realizing these things are all out of my control, and so there’s no point in spending time, energy and stress on them.  Rather, these things are helping me focus on Jesus, on resting in Him.

that I am God….

And do you know?  Jesus offers only grace.

If you’re needing grace today, you’re at the right place.  There’s nothing here but grace.  This side of the computer screen is just as imperfect as your side – but friend, don’t you know?  It’s perfectly imperfect!  And that’s what you’ll find here – not perfection, but rather a whole heap of genuine!

Going ahead, I’m hoping for smoother days, but I’m also grateful that God is in control; we have only to be still!

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