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How to Cope with Stress in Marriage

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Stress in marriage manifests itself in a number of ways. See if this sounds familiar: He walked in the door with his shoulders slumped and the stress written all over his face. I hoped today would be different, that we’d have a reprieve from the stress, but one look at him was all it took to see that we weren’t there yet. No matter what I tried, he stayed distracted all evening, which added to my frustration.

Have you and your spouse encountered an intense period of stress in your marriage? Perhaps it was financial, or due to loss of a loved one. Maybe there was something deeper that triggered the stress. Stress can impact every part of our life, and pours over into our marriage. So how do you deal with the times of intense stress in marriage?

I have not always done well with this. In fact, when I’ve focused on trying to fix the causes of stress in our marriage, I’ve usually added more stress. That’s because I’ve tried to operate in my own strength, rather than trusting God to work in ways that I cannot.

So I want to share ways that I’ve worked on dealing with those times of intense stress when they crop up in my marriage.

3 Ways to Cope with Intense Stress in Marriage

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Do you deal with stress in marriage? Does stress seem to have a negative impact in your home? Try these 3 ways to cope with stress in your marriage. #stress #marriage #marriageproblems

Today I’m sharing 3 tips to cope with stress in marriage at Fulfilling Your Vows.

While none of us like to go through these deep waters, we can navigate them with God’s help. Keep holding your spouse’s hand and remember what a blessing they are in your life!

Let’s find ways to make sure the stress in marriage drives us closer to God and to our spouse. Feel free to share tips you have for dealing with stress in marriage – let’s be a blessing to each other.


This devotional is a tremendous resource for those looking to work on communication with your spouse and with God.  I love the practicality of it, but also the specific action steps that are offered.

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