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Develop a Deeper Faith with Your Spouse

It has always been important to me to grow in faith with my husband. Early in our marriage we often read the same passage of Scripture and discussed it when we were home together. On Sundays, we each took notes during the church sermon, then talked about what we learned. It was a special time when my faith and my attachment to my husband, grew tremendously.

Over time, though, our marriage took a wrong turn, and the growth that we experienced together slowed dramatically. His interests were tied up in his work and his desires, and I was blinded to the slow fade of our relationship.

As we worked through our issues and determined to move forward together, we both knew that many things had to change. We decided to start with our foundation – our faith.

We wanted to see our own faith strengthened, individually and together. Firming up our foundation would be the best way to continue to see growth in our relationship.

We discussed ways to see the changes and growth that we were hoping for.

There were three main areas that one or both of us decided to work on, to strengthen our faith.

I’m sharing those ways to develop a deeper faith with your spouse at Fulfilling Your Vows. Come on over and let us know how you and your spouse work to deepen your faith.

Are you looking to develop a deeper faith with your spouse? These are areas that we worked on in our marriage to grow a deeper faith in the Lord. #faith #marriage


This devotional is one that I love, and would love to share with you!
This devotional promotes communication, and gives applicable ways to put God’s Word to work in your marriage.


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