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Experience Revival When You Are Fighting for Survival


There are times in life when we can barely hold on. I experienced this beginning the day I thought my marriage was ending. The months that followed were a constant struggle. The hurt ran so deep, and due to the nature of our situation, it lingered. Each day became about survival, and even surviving a day was too much at first. I had to survive chunks of the day in order to make it through the whole day. I kept asking God for more – there had to be more than just survival.

No matter how your marriage falls apart, you feel devastated. My marriage struggle happened to have a lot of devastation and trauma attached to it, and happened seemingly out of the blue. I went from a life that was moving forward in a beautiful manner, to a life that was completely broken.

I was responsible for our kids’ education, I had to get a job, yet I could barely get out of bed. Each day was purely survival mode. I was uncertain of what God would do, or if my marriage would even survive.

Survival mode is terrifying. It takes a lot of energy, it impacts every part of life.

Do you struggle with survival as you wait on marriage restoration? You can experience revival in your heart as you wait on God's plan for your marriage. #marriagerestoration #marriage #hope

Today I’m honored to be sharing about how you can experience revival while you are fighting for survival at Beth Kelly’s blog. Beth is the woman who started the marriage group that we invite you to (details at the bottom of this post). We’ve seen God do some wonderful things in our group, and it’s wonderful to find someone with a similar passion for supporting wives in struggling marriages!

This is the first day of the rest of your life, and it can be a turning point for you!

Come on over and join us as we discuss how you can experience revival while you are fighting for survival!



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