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Finding Hope for Marriage and Motherhood

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There are times in life when you find your people. They are the ones who understand your struggle and continue to encourage you in your journey. They are the ones who offer hope in the times of darkness, and encourage you to keep pressing on. Ruthie Gray is one of my people. She is strong in faith and encouragement, but she also appreciates a really good laugh in the middle of an ordinary day.

She reached out to me with some very encouraging and hopeful words for my marriage at a time when I was struggling. I remember thinking, “Wow, there really are people who understand that marriage can be messy.” In fact, some of you may be here on Ruthie’s recommendation as she shares this site as a resource for women who struggle with their marriage.

Ruthie serves as a mentor to other moms, sharing valuable insight that she learned along her parenting journey. From raising strong-willed children to dealing with anger as a mom, she has faced many of the frustrations we all encounter in parenting. She and her husband have raised four children and now have the joy of grandchildren in their family. She helps moms find their way in parenting, but also in a relationship with God.

Ruthie’s ministry also has a strong marriage component to it, because many of us who are moms are also wives. We’re learning the necessity of a strong relationship with our spouse in order to provide stability for our children. But how do you do that when your marriage feels unsteady and you feel fresh out of hope?

Do you feel fresh out of hope while dealing with marriage and motherhood? I'm sharing one of my favorite resources for marriage and motherhood. Here's hope!

My husband and I have three children and when things fell apart in our relationship, it was so hard to get up and help the kids. All I wanted to do was stay in bed, but they continued to need food, help with schoolwork, rides to therapy and piano lessons, so I had to function in some capacity.

How do you find the strength to manage your kids’ needs when your own marriage is in crisis?

Oh friend, get thee to Ruthie’s siteYou will find hope for marriage and motherhood.

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I’m privileged to be sharing at her blog today, offering encouragement for moms and for marriage.

Be sure to poke around her site while you’re there. She and her husband headed into Florida in an RV as Florida began to brace for Hurricane Irma. Don’t worry, they found a safe place to ride out the storm. You can read her posts about that adventure.

You’ll find some much-needed humor, but also some deep truths for your marriage and motherhood.

Join me today at Ruthie’s blog!


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2 thoughts on “Finding Hope for Marriage and Motherhood”

  • What sweet words thou hast for me! I never expected that, but thou hast madeth my day!! It’s been a true pleasure to be called, “your people” and to God be the glory for bringing us together. What fun we would have missed otherwise, yes? 🙂

    Thank you for being a vehicle to share God’s story so openly with other wives who NEED this message of hope in such a dark world. I am thankful for YOU!! <3

    • I love me some Shakespeare! 🙂 I’m so glad God crossed our paths and allowed us to share together in this manner, but also to laugh together! Thank you for being “my people” and for encouraging wives in this journey. Blessings!!

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