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When You Need to Hold Hope in Your Hands

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We all have mementos, treasures, from some of the best times in our lives.

We each probably have a memento from a tough time, too. Perhaps it was after a loved one’s death, or after a tough crisis that you endured.

I remember wanting to buy something that would be a visible reminder of my hope in the Lord when my marriage was at its lowest. It was very hard to find something that was full of hope, but that was not too “sweet” at the same time.

Almost five months ago, we shared Hope for the Hurting Wife – in book form – for the very first time. The response has been overwhelming and we are so grateful for how God put everything together so that we could share that book with you.

However, we’ve heard you. We’ve read the emails asking for more hope, looking for those visible reminders of hope.

Looking for reminders of the hope you have for your marriage? We're excited to offer these new resources that will let you hold hope in your hands. #hope #marriage #hopeforthehurtingwife

To that end, I have a very exciting announcement!

Jen and I have been trying to come up with ideas of what more we could share with you. We had a few ideas, but we weren’t sure of how to go about it.

Our dear friend, Alisa, hosts a shop for bloggers who want to offer products. We approached her to see if she’d be open to working with us, and we were thrilled when she said yes!

We think that you are going to love these products that are going to give you a visible reminder of the hope that you have!

Pictured below are a few examples of what we now have available for you.

Looking for reminders of the hope you have for your marriage? We're excited to offer these new resources that will let you hold hope in your hands. #hope #marriage #hopeforthehurtingwife

The mugs each have a Scripture on the back (which you can see on the website) and there are even more designs in the shop!

PLUS – we want to give you the opportunity to purchase these at the best possible price.

So if you purchase by 11:59pm Sunday, February 4, 2018, and use code Hope4Marriage, you’ll get a 10% discount.


>>Click over to the Hope for Marriage shop. 
>>Use code Hope4Marriage on your purchases before 11:59pm on Sunday, February 4, 2018. 

Purchases can be made at any time, the coupon is only good for a limited time, though.


Many of you are newer here and I’d love to give you something as a gift for your purchase. 

So if you make a purchase, please email me and let me know.

I will send you two additional resources that you can download and use.

>One is a Redemption list, which I shared recently, but I know not everyone got it, and I’d love for you to have it!

It’s 10 verses built around the theme of Redemption, that you can study and memorize.

>The other gift I’ll send you is a set of 8 Scripture cards that we originally shared when we first released Hope for the Hurting Wife.

So if you make a purchase from the shop at any time, just email me to let me know & I’ll get these other resources out to you!



If you have not yet purchased Hope for the Hurting Wife, it’s going to be on sale starting on February 1st, for a limited time!


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