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How to Share Your Needs with Your Husband

When I first got married, communication came easily and it seemed that my husband understood what my needs were. Of course we spent a lot of time together and that made it easy for him to see, know and understand those needs. When we settled into our home and started to manage life as a married couple, I began to feel that he didn’t understand my needs as well. We had bills to pay and a house to keep. We participated in church activities, and though we were together a lot, it wasn’t the same.

The more I felt misunderstood, the more frustrated I became. It didn’t take long for me to feel as though he shuffled me out of first place in his life (first place after God). I felt resentment build each time my needs went unnoticed, or unanswered. My husband was not a bad guy; he was simply trying to manage a family on top of his regular responsibilities. When pressed, he genuinely wanted to meet my needs; he just had a lot of other competing factors in his life. It took me a few years to understand my husband’s mentality in wanting to provide for his family, participate in church activities, be a good father and a great husband.

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Looking to improve communication in marriage? These are a few ways you can share your needs with your husband in a thoughtful way. #marriage #communication


As I understood his perspective, I learned to approach him differently when I truly needed him to hear and understand me. I want to share some of the ways I approached him in those times. None of these ideas are brilliant or new; you’ve heard of all of them. But sometimes it can be good to hear them again and try to put them into practice.

Join me at Fulfilling Your Vows as I share these ways to share your needs with your husband.

What are some of your tried and true ways to be sure your needs are heard? 

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