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Overcoming the Uphill Battles in Marriage

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Every marriage faces uphill battles and times of struggle. None of us are immune from those. What happens, though, when those times seem to become the norm rather than the exception? What about when a situation turns ugly and you don’t feel secure telling your girlfriends or small group about things that are going on?

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I never expected to find myself in that situation. I had a strong marriage to a man who had been a Christian pretty much from birth, as I had. We had our ups and downs, but I never expected the bottom to nearly fall out in my marriage. The shock and hurt that I felt was overwhelming.

Everything that I knew to be real and true in my marriage was stripped away. All that remained was a bare and broken heart. It wasn’t long before the question became, “Are you going to stay?”

We spent a lot of time in various ministries at the church and our entire support system was there. There was support if I wanted to leave, but there didn’t seem to be much hope if I wanted to stay. I felt utterly confused by the lack of support as we walked this dark road.

I’m honored to be sharing about overcoming the uphill battles in marriage over at Young Wives Club again today.

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