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When You’ve Lost Hope

Someone recently asked me if I ever get tired of sharing my story. 
I gave it some serious consideration and realized that I hope you all, the readers, don’t tire of it.
The truth is that I hear from many of you with each post, and it’s something different that catches your heart.
So I continue to share, because I know what it’s like to feel that hope is lost.
I hope you read through to the end of the post, though, to know that hope can grow anew. 


The knock on the door was a rude awakening on that bright October morning. His selfish choices came to light and the consequence of those choices started that day. It was the day that changed my marriage – the day when hope seemed lost.

The next weeks and months were an unraveling of lies and deceits. More than once, I thought my heart would break for good. How could my husband have traveled down such a dark road? Would it be possible to navigate the road ahead?

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When Hope Seems Lost

Getting up to face each day became a chore. My husband’s choices hurt in ways I had never experienced pain before. The one person who had vowed to love and care for me had done the exact opposite. What I thought was a godly marriage turned out to be a complete mess.

The question I was dreading started to come up: What would I do?

How do you answer a question like that, in the midst of the storms of life? I prayed for God to make a way clear, and as I did, He kept holding me back, asking me to wait.

My personality is such that I like to be in control of my life; I prefer to make decisions and plan a course. In the midst of the first few messy months, God kept showing me that I would have to trust Him, that He would be in control, not me. The way things unfolded was a direct result of my husband’s choices. God had to continually remind me that these things were happening to him, not to me. However, if I was going to stay, I would need to give up control.

I decided to stay in my marriage, to accept what would come, and to trust God because at that particular time, hope seemed very lost.

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