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When You Need a Fresh Perspective of Your Goliath

Sometimes we need an utter change in perspective, don’t we? I just read a different perspective on David’s attempt to kill Goliath. I think I’ve probably heard it before, but it sure isn’t the perspective I usually hold. Usually I consider (probably like most of us) that Goliath was a huge giant and that it would be difficult for any regular-sized person to take him out. A friend was sharing that she’d heard this at a camp meeting:

While others said, “Goliath is so big we can’t beat him,”
David said, “That guy is so big I can’t miss him!” 

Wow! Do you ever view the story of David and Goliath from that perspective?

Does your "Goliath" seem too big, even in marriage? Read this encouraging perspective on how to look at your problems.

That really got me thinking about the other things in my life that I may view differently if I simply had a change in perspective.

Right now I’m in the middle – truly about halfway through everything that has to happen because of all that has gone wrong.

One thing I’ve learned about the middle – about being halfway through a trial – is that it’s dark. It’s so very dark. God hasn’t removed the struggle, though I prayed He would, but honestly knew this was something we’d have to deal with. God hasn’t sped up time to magically transport us to the end of this ordeal.

Join me at Being Confident of This for the rest of this post,
to see how God is helping me to deal with the “Goliath” in my life.

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If you’re looking for a few resources to help you deal with your own time of growth and your need for faith and trust, please check out these two favorites:

My friend, Leah, has done a Bible study for times when we’re feeling discouraged, when life is difficult, when our Goliath seems too big. This short, easy-to-use Bible study is full of Scriptures that draw us close to the Lord. Check out When Words Won’t Come.

And my friend, Arabah Joy, has a book called Trust Without Borders. It’s a 40-day devotional that is designed to strengthen our faith.

I strongly recommend both of these books. They have blessed me in my own growth these past few years. They have helped me survive this battle with my own Goliath. I pray they will be a blessing to you as well.

What situations are you facing where you could use an adjustment in your perspective? Ask God to help you see your situation in a new perspective.

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