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3 Ways to Prepare My Heart to Submit

If you’ve been in Christian circles long enough, you know there’s a word that is certain to stir up mixed feelings, wild emotions, opposing points of views, and general frustration. There are some who try to live by the intent of the word, and there are others who immediately put up a wall when you mention the word. I want to look at that word, but maybe from a different level. But give me a fair chance, please – don’t just close the post when you read the word, okay?


Even though I know how divisive this word is, I want to share about it from my own perspective. You’re welcome to agree, disagree, comment with your feelings, but I’d like you to hear what I have to say.

I approach this word with a good deal of hesitation. If you were to look at my life, if you knew my full story, you would have every right to say, “Why do you even want to consider submitting to your husband?”

So here’s the honest truth: On any given day, I don’t necessarily want to consider submitting to my husband.

Given all that has happened in my marriage, I’d like to just continue going through our mess, simply trying to get to the other side. But God keeps placing this word – one that divides even within the church – onto my heart.

For me, the concept of submission – even when I really don’t want to – means that I’m choosing to honor God first and foremost, by following His instruction to follow my husband.

So how do I get my heart to want to submit, especially when my husband has not always been the best leader and has let me down in some pretty big ways?

Join me at Jen’s blog as I share 3 of the ways I prepare my heart to submit – and why it isn’t really such a bad word.

"Submission" is a divisive word, yet something we're called to do. Here are 3 ways I prepare my heart to submit.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please feel free to leave your comments here or at Jen’s blog.


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5 thoughts on “3 Ways to Prepare My Heart to Submit”

  • i agree that when its done this way God’s way there we have the peace from God in our marriage


    Rebekah Reply:

    Yes – so often the world wants to view the whole idea of submission so differently. But it comes back to our attitude toward God. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


  • Dear Rebekah, I want to thank you for addressing this necessary topic. I think we wives tend to shy away from (or downright abhor) the word ‘submission’ partly because of the ungodly culture we live in and partly because we don’t like to be told what to do. We want to rule ourselves, follow our own path, and do whatever we want-thank you very much.
    If only our husbands were perfect and loved us like Christ loves the Church submitting would be a breeze. But, alas, that’s never the case.
    But God knows this and still asks us wives to trust Him and submit to our husbands’ leadership anyway. (Oh, how often I’ve cried out–You can’t be serious! This man? This aggravating, arrogant, drives-me-crazy man?)
    But when we resist submitting, aren’t we really resisting God? Do we trust God that His authority structure is righteous and beneficial to us? That He knows what He’s doing?
    When we lay aside our desire for control and accept this to be true, I think we begin to understand the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ for His beloved.
    Thank you, Rebekah, for the thought-provoking post.


    Rebekah Reply:

    Thank you, Gleniece.
    I totally agree – when we resist submitting, we are resisting God. That’s been hard for me to learn, or to want to acknowledge. But it’s true. I’m grateful for a heavenly Father who gently leads us in this journey.


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