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To the Wife Who Wants to Stay

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Hope for the Hurting Wife

To the Wife Who Wants to Stay…
This was a post I didn’t intend to write, but God laid it on my heart and it was a blessing to me as I wrote it.

(And this is a post I’ve written some time later, while still going through the growth process.)

I try to be open here, to share my heart, to let you all know what God is doing.

When I first started blogging, I told God I wouldn’t write about marriage. Many experts already write well on that topic. When my own marriage took a hard hit, I realized God was giving me a different voice in that niche. I did not want this voice, but it’s mine now, just the same.

I took a stand for redemption. Then I stepped out in faith trusting that if God was calling me to stay, He would redeem the mess I found myself in.

Support for women who are standing for their marriage, trusting God to restore and redeem.

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Friends, if we dare to trust God, to really take Him at His word, we will be so blessed to see what He does. And if you’re at a point where you’re ready to begin to step forward in faith, even just a little, you’re going to want to pick up Grace Goals. It’s a great program, rooted in grace which we so need, to begin to set intentional steps for growth in the new year.

This is the post I wasn’t going to write, in the topic of marriage that I was never going to write about – because I believe my God can redeem.

To the Wife Who Wants to Stay:

To the Wife Who Wants to Stay - 4 things I've learned as the wife who wants to stay and see redemption win | #marriage #redemption

I’ve been that wife. When all came crashing down, I promised myself that I would not make any swift decisions, but that I would seek God’s voice above my own heart. I didn’t realize the arena I was about to enter. You see, the world said, “Go, you can leave.” But I was the wife who wanted to stay.

I don’t know your situation and I don’t know your support system, but if you’re trying to do something that goes against the norm, I can bet that there aren’t too many lining up to understand or encourage you. So I wanted to write to you, to the wife who wants to stay.

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11 thoughts on “To the Wife Who Wants to Stay”

  • Rebekah,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve been living this for the past two years. My husband and I have been living in separate states with email as our only contact. It started when we lost our rental and I had to move into his Mother’s house, which is not where God wanted me. He wanted me at my parents home. My MIL and I got into a fight and she threw me, my 10 week old son and daughters out. I moved back home and a few weeks later we find out my Dad had terminal lung cancer. He died 6 weeks later.
    A thousand times I’ve wanted to give up, but a thousand times over I hear God telling me no. God told me early on that He did this to protect us, to protect our marriage. To bring me home to take care of my Dad and to stay with my Mom after my Dad died. God separated us so he could work on each of us individually. I’ve learned more in the last two years and I know it’s because my husband’s not here. The advice I can give others is that it is likely you will be making this journey alone. Family and friends, especially those who are of the world, will not understand why you stay. They will only see what the “picture” looks on the outside. God is leading you so you don’t need anyone else! I also look for and ask God to show me the lessons He needs to teach me about myself and my marriage. He can’t bring about change in your marriage if you are the same person you were. One last note: There will be times when you feel like you have hit the wall and everything is worse! Pray my friend, pray harder! That roadblock is the enemy trying to discourage you! When I pray for my husband and our situation I always expect something. I use to get upset but now I have realized its a distraction from the enemy and when I ignore it, it quickly goes away!

  • This is an incredible post. It is such a beautiful example of the absolute power God has when we submit our lives to Him and listen to Him. No matter how difficult the trials – He always seems to turn them into blessings in the end. Visiting from Grace & Truth!

  • Thank you for your honesty and encouragement. I shared this with a friend who manages a support group for women standing with God for their marriage during really difficult situations. I hope it blesses and encourages many.

  • It is a good read I was already giving up but reading this has given me hope that God wants to work on me thank you.

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