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Pray for Reconciliation

Pray for reconciliation,” she asked.

And my heart immediately felt drawn to this dear woman, treading through waters that are not unfamiliar to me.

But it wasn’t just that she asked, it was the day she asked.

You see, I mark time on a few different dates each year, for reasons directly related to my marriage. There is a special date in March, an anniversary in July, and an October date, all of which I hold close so that I can remember that God works – God restores – God provides reconciliation.

Her request that I pray for reconciliation came today, the day I mark my own relationship in March. The first anniversary of a very difficult year.

Only God.

I believe in a God who is able to provide reconciliation because I've experienced it first-hand in my life. #prayer #marriage #restoration

As I stepped into the hallway after replying to her message, one of my kids was playing the piano just for fun.

“For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth…”

The “Hallelujah Chorus”.

And I’m undone.

My heart, once broken, is starting to heal.

The grace of God allows me to pray for my friend – to approach the throne of grace with all the boldness in my heart that I use to pray for my own marriage.

And I picture us – 2 women, wanting what is right, wanting wholeness, restoration, the redemption of our marriages.

“Hallelujah, hallelujah…”

Could it be that the angels were echoing our prayers with their hallelujahs?

I shared this today –

And the Hallelujah Chorus plays in my home, and between failed marriages looking for renewal, thoughts of life on a special day, and the goodness of the joy of the Lord, I stand amazed! God is able – and I know it because I’ve lived it! 
For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth…! 

Oh, how I love the Lord!

Only God can use the garbage that comes into our lives to help us learn and grow, to mold us into what He would have for us, and then

– and then –

lets us share the blessing with others.

None of this is lost on me today, Lord!

I pray for marriages that are hurting, stressed, broken. We are hurt people, in a world that has taken their eyes off of you, Lord. I pray for my sister who is approaching you on behalf of her marriage. I pray for wives who want to stay, for husbands who want to go home. Would you grow love in their hearts, in our hearts, Lord? Would you restore the joy that was once there and provide the unity that we used to know?

Lord, I’m watching you restore in my home. I have been through this for a time now, and I have seen your mercy and grace poured out in abundance. The good news I’ve learned? Your mercy is limitless. Your grace knows no end. We need you in our lives, in our home, in our love. As we lay aside our interests and hand the relationships to you, would you restore us? 

And would you heal the broken-hearted, Father? Where hope is lost, would you be the Hope? Where there are hearts crying out to you, would you gather up the tears? (Psalm 56:8) 

I have seen you do this, Lord. 

For those who are hurting, for those who seek reconciliation, for those praying faithfully for their spouse, Father, I stand with them.

I stand for redemption.

If you are struggling with your marriage, please know that this is a safe place for you to share your heart. If you don’t want to publicly comment, I understand. Email is more private and you can find my contact information in the Contact tab at the top.

Support for women who are standing for their marriage, trusting God to restore and redeem.

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Marriage is messy, but as my dear friend says, “Only God can turn that mess into a message, that test into a testimony.”

He can do it.

He may choose to restore and provide healing in ways that He deems best, but please know – He is always at work on your behalf. He is the loving Father to us, and He will not leave us.

“I love the Lord, for he heard my voice;
he heard my cry for mercy.”
– Psalm 116:1


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19 thoughts on “Pray for Reconciliation”

  • Rebekah, I love your heart for writing this! My heart has found great encouragement in reading it. Thank you so much for sharing such incredible words of hope! Happy Easter and infinite blessings to you, Love! 🙂

    #GraceAndTruthLinkup 😉


  • Precious, precious, precious, my friend. Read this through tears, celebrating your triumphs, mourning those marriages still not reconciled. Your testimony spurs me on to continue steadfastly in prayer, even for those the reconciliations that seem impossible.
    Jennifer recently posted…stopping to savor ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 13)My Profile


    Rebekah Reply:

    Thank you, Jennifer! I appreciate your words, your support and your friendship! May God bless you and your ministry for Him! <3


  • This July we will reach our 10th anniversary, and all I feel is that I don’t want to be married any longer. I would never actually follow through on that, but I am having a lot of guilt over feeling this way, and lacking in hope that it will ever change. Tears fall even now as I confess this for the first time in such an unexpected place.


    Rebekah Reply:

    Thank you for taking time to share here. Sometimes it can feel safe to share “anonymously” in a space like this, and it gives us an opportunity to share our feelings where someone else may understand.
    A couple things I would encourage you to do or consider – first, finding someone to talk to – a pastor, a counselor, someone who will listen to just you. Your feelings are valid because they come from your experience. Do you have someone with whom you can share your feelings and thoughts? I had to do that for a while and it was such a blessing to be heard, to be validated in my feelings and to have someone say that they understood me. After all that, they gave me suggestions on things to try. Some helped, some didn’t. But just being heard was so special for me. Next, there’s a book called The Love Dare – it’s shown in the movie “Fireproof”. Basically it’s a 40-day commitment to your marriage and to your spouse. It might be worth giving it a shot. Finally – prayer. I don’t know what God has for you, but I know that His desire is for us to find joy in Him and to grow in grace with our spouse. But our journey to holiness – to heaven with God – may not be the exact same journey God calls our husband to. Personally, my husband is in the midst of dealing with things in his own life and now that they are out in the open, they have to be dealt with – things I’d never ever imagine anyone having to go through. However, that’s where God has him right now. And while we are still together, it’s a growing time for us, for sure. It isn’t always pretty, in fact it’s pretty often messy. But God is teaching us both a lot through this time. I’d encourage you to find someone who can listen to you and just let you share your heart. By the way, my contact info is up in the Contact tab at the top – you’re welcome to reach out through email any time! Thank you for sharing – I will be praying for you!


  • Thank you so much for sharing your heart! It is encouraging to hear stories of reconciliation and new beginnings. It gives me hope. I very recently found out that my husband has been involved with someone else, wants a divorce & had wanted me to move out. Devastated doesn’t even cover it. As I laid myself out before God he told me to keep going, keep trying, & keep fighting. I am pulling out all the stops to save my marriage & each time I get knocked down, He picks me up, dusts me off, and gives me the strength to keep going. I see glimmers of hope, but they’re usually followed by something that brings a crushing blow. I’ve told God I will keep going until He says to stop. Thanks again for sharing.


    Rebekah Reply:

    Oh, Kelley, I’m so sorry to hear that. You mention something that I have dealt with…glimmers of hope & then a crushing blow. I don’t know why life seems to be like that, but I’ve used it as an opportunity to remember that God is faithful, even in the tough moments. I’ll be praying for you – that God will give you courage, bravery and peace as you continue on your journey. Thank you for sharing your heart here – please know I’m praying!


  • Thank you, I appreciate your words, your support and your bravery! May God bless you and your ministry for Him!


    Rebekah Reply:

    Thank you for your kind words! Blessings!


  • I am in a place that I never thought I would be, 8 months into a separation and praying for God to change his mind and his heart, so that he would want to come home. What a terrible bittersweet time in my life. God had drawn closer to me than ever before. He’s faithful. Please lift my marriage up to the father, for God’s will to be done.


    Rebekah Reply:

    Oh, Robin – my heart grieves for you. I’m praying that the Lord will work, as only He can, to heal you, no matter the outcome of your separation. I pray that you and your husband would grow during this time apart, and that your own relationship with the Lord will continue to grow stronger. His timing and His healing are perfect. Praying for you!


  • I continue to stand for my marriage restoration and in God’s power and plan. Through this difficulty I have grown in my relationship with the Lord. I am the most confident I have ever been. I pray daily, have been lead to inspirational blogs like yours and books. I see where I caused much pain and hurt though unintentional. God is leading me to follow what he intended for a mate and marriage. I believe in his power to work within us and restore what was broken.


  • If any of you are interested in a helpful Marriage Ministry with helpful resources & marriage restoration testimonies, please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministry. You can sign up for “Charleyne Cares” to come into your email everyday. A couple of times a week there are testimonies, Thurs & Saturdays. There’s also lots of past testimonies of marriage restorations for quite a few years.


  • I’ve never been so broken, my life will never be the same as IMy husband told me about 6 months ago he didn’t want to be with me anymore. Of then came the even more devastating words about all his sexual things he’s done over our 24 yr marriage and that he was seeing someone else. He has since done a full disclosure and life for me gas been completely shattered. Some of the sexual things are creepy and have hurt everyone in the family but only me and one other person know all of them. Besides the sexual perversion he lied about his salvation and has faked being the Christian man I thought he was and the kids thought he was. Their adults. Sooooo brojen……the hurt and discuss flood my hear and yet how can I love him? He has since truly repentance and I can see the changes but I feel stuck afraid and don’t trust anyone. I never was like this before but can’t seem to find my way back to me. The only freedom I have is during worship at Church, which takes a lot for me to even go there


  • My girl who i am supposed to Marry has left me because of evil work which people have done against us they have changed her mind she is against me because of negative people please pray for her that she will change and come back to me


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