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31 Days to a Better Marriage {Subscriber Freebie}

I’d like to take just a moment and share a little about the books being offered here and why it’s so important to me to share them with you.

I entered marriage having gone through premarital counseling, thinking I knew my spouse well. We communicated often and had those in-depth conversations that people need to discuss – whether or not we’d have kids, our goals and dreams, where we felt God was leading us as individuals and together.

Things were good – not always perfect, but they eventually got better. And such was the whole of my married life – a lot of good, some tough spots, and then things would work out.

Until one day when the bottom fell out. The knock at the door changed everything. Life changed from basically just going about my day-to-day life, to deciding whether or not I would (or could) stand up against the enemy’s attacks and the struggles my husband was now going to have to confront, head on.

Any of the marriage posts written on this site have come after the pain of that particular day – the day they knocked at the door.

God has really dealt with me in the past few years, teaching me grace, answering my pleas for mercy, and reminding me that all of life is to be held loosely because in the end, it’s all His.

At the time I became aware of the problems  in my marriage, I was writing for a larger website and the owner began to host these 31 day series on marriage. Ironically, I told God that I’d never write about marriage. There are so many other websites that cover that topic. But God kept laying it on my heart to participate and He hasn’t let me walk away from writing about marriage yet, though I do share a few other kinds of posts from time to time.

After each series, we, the authors, were each given permission to share these eBooks with our subscribers. So that’s what I’ve been doing with these eBooks – offering them in exchange for subscription to the blog here.

I know that being allowed into someone’s Inbox is a precious gift, and it’s not something that I take for granted. The posts I write are often reflective of where my own heart is, or has been, in this journey of trying to do my part to work on my marriage. I’m a work in progress, grasping for redemption in my own life when I thought I’d be content just telling others’ redemption stories.

As painful as it’s been, I’m grateful that God has dealt mercifully with my husband and me. Our story is not over, though I’m positive that the devil thought it would be the day I found out about our struggles. I don’t know what’s ahead, but we are both committed to our marriage, to pressing on for redemption and for what God will do through all of this.

These books are a wonderful resource and I hope they bless you as it blessed all of us who participated in writing it.

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31 Days to a Better Marriage - Subscriber Freebies


31 Days to a Better Marriage - Subscriber Freebie


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3 thoughts on “31 Days to a Better Marriage {Subscriber Freebie}”

  • You have a wonderfully inspiring site, a joy to read, we look forward to reading more of your writing in the future. Be encouraged for your writing have been inspirational to us. OFJ


    Rebekah Reply:

    Thank you very much for taking time to share your thoughts – I genuinely appreciated your kind words!


  • I just happen to find this on my phone.i read it I was encouagered I had often wondered how God would see me since I have divorced only cause I didn’t know God and his word as good as I should nD before marriage I don’t know about marrng a believer too I understand why my marriages feel they didn’t believe in God. I try to teach het6 didn’t really wAnt interested I still pray for them still love them


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