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God Never Gets Tired of Us Needing Him

Roused from my attempt at sleep once again, tripping through the darkness toward the sound of plastic against plastic, willing my eyes to open. Everything in me wanted to lie back down, to let someone else handle the situation, to ignore the ugly, messy situation. But love compelled me to keep going; after all, I had given my word and she was counting on me. What I wasn’t counting on was the precious reminder, every single hour of the night, that God never gets tired of us needing Him.


God Never Gets Tired of Us Needing Him - a late-night reminder of God's love and grace || rebekahmhallberg.com

We weren’t made to live life alone, to have to navigate the uncharted waters of life on our own.

From the moment we are born, we’re delivered into companionship, and likely into community. We grow up with extended family, school friends. We enter adulthood finding companionship with work colleagues, church friends, maybe even a spouse.

We were created to need community, companionship, Christ. Click To Tweet

We were created, by God, the Creator of all to need community, companionship, Christ.

Last night, our daughter was awake every hour of the night, often multiple times each hour. She was so very sick and she needed us to be there. I bumped the bed once, tripped over a toy, and hit the door once in my attempts to get into her room. (Lack of sleep does not agree with me.) Nothing would keep me from her, though, because I knew she needed me. There was no sleep for the three of us until after 5am. It was an extremely long night.

Every time I stumbled through the darkness, I could feel my exhaustion. I felt the thoughts rising in me:
“Ugh, again? Can I stay in bed and just let my husband deal with it? She doesn’t really need me, does she?”

Each time I staggered through the doorway into her room, I could immediately hear the song on the radio. See, she keeps K-Love radio playing all night and there would be a song playing that would remind me that we’re never alone, that Jesus is always with us. That helped to refocus me so that I could be the help she needed. Being reminded of God’s love, through song, helped me be able to remind her that I love her, but even more than that, God loves her.

In the middle of the night, in my daughter’s room, I met Jesus – over and over again. Just as we were her strength, He was the strength we all needed for a long, restless night. As we were awakened to help her, He met us in that place – in our tiredness and weakness – simply because we called to Him. We didn’t tire of helping her, and Jesus didn’t tire of helping us.

Just like my daughter needed me in her night of severe sickness, we have the same need for Jesus.

Without Him, we are so sick – spiritually sick. Our hearts are full of sin, and no one can cleanse them but Jesus. We have to go through the cleansing process – asking for forgiveness, making things right with others, changing our behaviors to fall in line with our Savior’s. But God is there.

And just like we can’t completely prevent the return of a physical sickness, we also can’t guarantee that we’ll never have to deal with spiritual sickness again. We may fall into old habits, we may develop new ones. We may wander from God’s plan for our lives and find ourselves alone, scared, helpless in the dark.

Just one call, though, just one mention of His name, and the gap between where we are and where Jesus is immediately closes.

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God doesn’t get tired of us needing Him. Just as we’d run to help someone we love, God is always there when we are in need. A prayer, the mention of His name, the simple longing of our heart, and He is there to provide His love and care for us.

Where are you today? Are you tired? Are you sick? Have you had to be the support for a long season?

Wherever you are, God is there, wanting to help, wanting to provide refreshment and rest. Last night was one of the most sleepless nights I’ve had in a long time, yet today, I feel so very refreshed. We were made to need each other, and to need Jesus. Have you reached out to Him today?

God never gets tired of us needing Him.


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6 thoughts on “God Never Gets Tired of Us Needing Him”

  • Becky, I just love this post! I’ve learned so much about the Father’s character through both marriage and parenthood. But it’s that unconditional love for my children, even in the midst of difficulty, that has taught me the most. What a beautiful reminder if how He loves us! Asking Him for good health for you all,
    Jen 🙂
    Jen recently posted…On “Wrestling with the Small Things” ~ #GraceTruth Week 2My Profile


    Rebekah Reply:

    I think we’ve *finally* turned the corner on health issues – I hope so, anyway! Praying the same for you – that God restores your energy and that you’re feeling better than ever very soon. Parenting my kids reminds me just how needy I must seem to God at times, yet every time I call, He answers. That’s some love! It’s more than just a sick night, or a long weekend – it’s never-ending. Oh for more of God’s grace in my life. Love you, friend!


  • The title alone is so comforting already. Love how truthful this is. It really happens. I’ve been so desperately asking Him to make me feel His presence more recently. I’ve never been this needy.
    Lux Ganzon recently posted…God Is Not FairMy Profile


    Rebekah Reply:

    Oh, friend – I’m just coming out of a desperate and needy time in my life. The times when it was hardest, I found myself only able to pray 4 small words: “Jesus, mercy and grace.” Oh, did He ever take those 4 small words and use them to provide in so many ways in my life – mercy and grace in everyday life, but also in my heart. Praying the same for you!


  • Becky, this is such a wonderful post! A beautiful reminder that He is willing & capable of handling our junk, never tires of it, & never stumbles over things or has any kind of doors to bump into on His way to use. He’s easily reached & quickly arrives 🙂 I trust you are all back to good health.
    Kaylene Yoder recently posted…Thoughts on Fasting {Grace & Truth #3}My Profile


    Rebekah Reply:

    Hey Kaylene! 🙂 Yes, we’re all well, thank you! It was not pleasant….
    Isn’t it great that God doesn’t stumble in the dark to get to us? So much peace in that thought. Thank you, friend!


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