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A Light in the Darkness

Have you ever looked at something that you’ve seen countless times, only to realize you’re seeing it in a completely new and different way? How could you have missed it? How have you not considered it from this point of view before?

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. What was it that you saw new and different? For me, it was the light on a church steeple.

I arrived in the darkness, just like every other winter Sunday night. The drive was so familiar – I’ve made the trip for many years of my life. There was no reason to expect anything new or different – none whatsoever.

I think that may be one of the things I appreciate most about God – that when He makes changes in our lives, old things – ones we’ve seen numerous times – can seem brand new!

I sat in the parking lot at the church waiting for my son to be done at youth group. The evening was completely dark except for a few lights inside the church.

Light drives out darkness – whether it’s a small candle flickering or a bright spotlight directing our focus. And we’re attracted to the light – we’re drawn to it in order to see through the darkness.

That night was not the first night I noticed the steeple light, but it was the first night I noticed the direction of the light.  

Have you ever seen something in a new and different way, even though you've seen it many times? I'm sharing about how our lives can be light in the darkness.

I’m sharing over at Jen’s blog this week – Being Confident of This – about how we can be a light in the darkness, especially as we get closer to Easter. Come on over and join us!


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