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Hope for the Hurting Wife


UPDATED March 1, 2017:
Hope for the Hurting Wife 
was a free resource that we offered for the month of February, 2017.
If you did not receive your copy, don’t worry! We’re planning something special!

Starting today, we’re working to expand the book into a full 30-day devotional!

Here’s how you can help: 
If you received your copy, we are looking for reader feedback to use as testimonials for the new 30-day version.
If you’d like to submit your feedback, please email me at rmhallberg@gmail.com and share how the book impacted you.

If you haven’t yet read Hope for the Hurting Wife, hang on for just a little while and you’ll start to see information on the new 30-day version, which will include content that has not been published before.

We’re excited about where God is leading us, and how He is using our stories to encourage others.

I’d like to take just a moment and share a little about the books being offered here and why it’s so important to me to share them with you.

I entered marriage having gone through premarital counseling, thinking I knew my spouse well. We communicated often and had those in-depth conversations that people need to have – whether or not we’d have kids, our goals and dreams, where we felt God was leading us as individuals and together.

Things were good – not always perfect, but they eventually got better. And such was the whole of my married life – a lot of good, some tough spots, and then things would work out.

Until one day when the bottom fell out. The knock at the door changed everything. Life changed from basically just going about my day-to-day life, to deciding whether or not I would (or could) stand up against the enemy’s attacks and the struggles my husband was now going to have to confront, head on.

Any of the marriage posts written on this site have come after the pain of that particular day – the day they knocked at the door.

God has really dealt with me in the past few years, teaching me grace, answering my pleas for mercy, and reminding me that all of life is to be held loosely because in the end, it’s all His.


Hope for the Hurting Wife is a compilation of writings from Jen and me. Jen blogs at Being Confident of This, and she and I have taken turns writing for each other’s blogs, mostly on the topic of marriage. We’ve both struggled in our marriages and we’re joining forces to offer a resource that we think is going to be beneficial to you. We share from our own experiences of when marriage is hard, as wives who have experienced the hurt, but are still fighting for our marriage.

You’ll find encouragement and support for the real-life problems that arise when marriage becomes difficult. You’ll find hope for the journey of standing for your marriage, an understanding of the times when you pass through the deep waters of discouragement and fear. And you’ll find that we aren’t perfect in our fight for marriage – we’re two women who share the hurt, but also the hope from drawing close to Jesus in this time. And you’ll be reminded that no matter what happens, God has a plan for your life.

It’s our desire that this book is a blessing to others who are in similar situations. To get this book, (and the ones below) for free, I simply ask that you sign up for the email list. I don’t inundate you with emails. In fact, you’ll only get an email from me if I have a new post to share, or sporadically in between posts if I have something to share with you.



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At the time I became aware of the problems  in my marriage, I was writing for a larger website and the owner began to host these 31 day series on marriage. Ironically, I told God that I’d never write about marriage. There are so many other websites that cover that topic. But God kept laying it on my heart to participate and He hasn’t let me walk away from writing about marriage yet, though I do share a few other kinds of posts from time to time.

After each series, we, the authors, were each given permission to share these eBooks with our subscribers. So that’s what I’ve been doing with these eBooks – offering them in exchange for subscription to the blog here.

I know that being allowed into someone’s Inbox is a precious gift. The posts I write are often reflective of where my own heart is in this journey of trying to do my part to work on my marriage. I’m a work in progress, grasping for redemption in my own life when I thought I’d be content just telling others’ redemption stories.

As painful as it’s been, I’m grateful that God has dealt mercifully with my husband and me. Our story is not over, though I’m positive that the devil thought it would be the day I found out about our struggles. I don’t know what’s ahead, but we are both committed to our marriage, to pressing on for redemption and for what God will do through all of this.

These books are a wonderful resource and I hope they bless you as it blessed all of us who participated in writing it.

And just in case you need more resources right away,
please check the related posts at the bottom of this post. 

31 Days to a Better Marriage - Subscriber Freebies


31 Days to a Better Marriage - Subscriber Freebie


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