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I Gave Up Being Happy in my Marriage

I gave up being happy

When I first got married, I thought I’d always be happy. After all, I was married to my best friend, we got along well, therefore I should always be happy. Isn’t marriage like that for everyone? No, it isn’t. The harder I tried, the less happy I became. We had some serious issues that crept into our marriage and eventually, I gave up being happy.

You see, I learned a vital lesson:

Happiness is not the end goal in marriage. 

Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of that. 

If happiness isn’t the goal in marriage, what is? 

And if happiness isn’t the goal in marriage, how is it that I now find myself very happy within my marriage?

I have been blessed by the opportunity to share in the 31 Days to a Better Marriage series on several different occasions, and today is another one of those times. Many of you have taken advantage of the free eBooks that come with signing up for the blog posts to be delivered to your inbox, and that thrills me because I know that there is some great content within each of the 31 days series.

Today I’m sharing about happiness, holiness and respect within marriage, and what I learned when I gave up being happy in my marriage. It turns out there was an unexpected blessing of focusing on holiness and respect.

Join us for this series again, and to find out what happened when I gave up on being happy in my marriage.

I Gave Up Being Happy in my marriage

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  • I like the interesting way you present your marriage series. It is a bit of an eye opener to realize God has more than happiness in mind for our marriages. Linking with you at Grace and Truth. Have a great weekend!


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