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When You’ve Lost Hope Because Marriage is Hard

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Marriage is hard work and sometimes we feel like we've just lost hope. Hope for the Hurting Wife offers hope and encouragement for struggling wives.

You’ve seen the announcements, you’ve walked in prayer with me, and today I’m thrilled to let you know that Hope for the Hurting Wife is available!

Hope for the Hurting Wife comes out of one of the darkest times in my life. It’s been nearly 4 years since things fell apart, and honestly, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel when I held this book. This book represents a few years of intense pain and loss.

But that’s not what I feel when I hold this book.

Marriage is hard work and sometimes we feel like we've just lost hope. Hope for the Hurting Wife offers hope and encouragement for struggling wives.

You see, I believe the devil thought that his scheme would kill my marriage, that maybe it would even bring physical death to my family.

While this part of my life has felt very much like standing up to a Goliath, I’ve been reminded that Goliath was defeated by one young man. David took up his weapon of choice, a stone for his slingshot, not a strong powerful sword. He threw off the common plan of attack, telling Saul that his kingly armor was too big to truly offer support. 

He faced his giant with only his faith in God and the knowledge God had given Him. 

Maybe that’s what our world needs – a few more people to stand up with their faith in God, to say, “This battle is the Lord’s!” 

As I hold this book, as I think about the role it plays in my life, I realize I’m no longer consumed with the story that this book represents.

Instead, I see a message of hope that God has brought out of my mess. I see a testimony that I hope will encourage and inspire others.   

Marriage is hard work and sometimes we feel like we've just lost hope. Hope for the Hurting Wife offers hope and encouragement for struggling wives.


My co-author, Jen Stults, and I, know the realities of a hard marriage. We know the feeling of wanting to leave our marriages because the struggle is too much. But we also know that God can work in the hardest of circumstances to bring true healing and redemption. We’re praising God for the ways He has worked in our marriages.

God has used this book to bring me healing as I work through healing in our marriage. It’s by the grace of God that my marriage is restored, and it’s through being able to offer hope to other wives that I’ve learned to find hope in my own marriage.

Our families have offered their full support as we have walked this redemption road, and for that we are eternally grateful. I was blessed and encouraged by these words from my dad a couple weeks ago:

John 12:24–“I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies,
it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”
This book was brought forth from near death,
perhaps in some ways a total surrender as a living sacrifice.
May it now bring for much fruit for God’s glory.
I am proud to be your father.

Yes, may this book truly bear fruit for the glory of God!

When I look at this book, I see a God-story that only He could write. I see a resource to help other women stand up against the Goliath in their lives, to fight off the schemes of the devil in their marriage. I see hope. 


Hope for the Hurting Wife 

*          *          *          *          *

So to celebrate, Jen and I are having a giveaway!


A couple of our blogging friends have graciously offered to give away one of their books to a winner here on my blog and one over at Jen’s blog. So be sure to enter here and then hop over to Jen’s blog and enter her giveaway as well!

Marriage is hard work and sometimes we feel like we've just lost hope. Hope for the Hurting Wife offers hope and encouragement for struggling wives.

One winner will win a print copy of Hope for the Hurting Wife,
Every Wife’s Choice,
A Wife’s 40-day Fasting & Prayer Journal,
and an eBook copy of Blues to Bliss.
This is a power-packed bundle of books! 

* Hope for the Hurting Wife, by Rebekah Hallberg & Jen Stults
“This is the first book about marriage from a Christian perspective that doesn’t gloss over the hard stuff. Hope for the Hurting Wife is a thirty-day devotional journey that meets hurting and heartbroken wives right in the midst of a difficult marriage and gently encourages them to find hope that truly lasts.”

* Every Wife’s Choice: Loving Beyond the Mood of the Moment, by Sarah Fairchild
“Whether you’re seeking to save a broken marriage or simply reinforce an already strong bond, this bold approach to bible study promises practical application for real life loving beyond the mood of the moment.”

* A Wife’s 40-day Fasting & Prayer Journal, by Kaylene Yoder
A Wife’s 40-Day Fasting and Prayer Journal is designed to bring wives to the feet of Jesus through prayer and other spiritual disciplines.”

* Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily Ever After in the Early Years by Ngina Otiende
“So what happens when the blues – challenges and adjustments of young marriage – check in during those early days of marriage? How do we escape the trap of wheel-turning in blues land and break into enduring bliss? Ngina Otiende answers this question in Biblical, practical ways that will impact and change your marriage!”

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Thank you for celebrating with us!

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30 thoughts on “When You’ve Lost Hope Because Marriage is Hard”

  • I have been so blessed by your journey, and especially the wisdom you have received and shared from that pain. As we walk through our Goliath, I am encouraged to know others have defeated him. Thank you!

  • My marriage is a product of God’s work in my life! I see hope growing there! My husband and I have fought hard won battles to get to a place in which we are doing better. Being unequally yoked is HARD, but even in that my obedience has changed our home. There is celebration and hope in that!

  • I see hope in my life. I’ve lived in fear for the past 17 years, fear of my husband’s frequent infidelity and anger. God is healing me slowly as I seek Him and grow in Him. I see hope for being renewed and restored. I seek hope in God to renew and restore my husband and I pray that our marriage will be truly restored, but if God doesn’t that ok too.

  • Becky, what a ride for you. It’s been such an encouragement to see how God is turning your devastation into a way to reach so many for His glory. Keep trusting Him to make it all well with your soul. I’m cheering for you!

    And thank you for adding A Wife’s 40-Day Fasting & Prayer Journal to your book bundle Giveaway. What a treasure this collection will be to someone!

  • Rebekah, I love this post because marriage is definitely hard. The verse you mentioned is one of my favorite verse ” The battle belongs to the Lord” We look to our spouses to complete us, but only our Lord is complete. Redemption comes from HIM.

    I am your neighbor at soaringwithhim (#7)

  • Rebekah, it sounds like God has brought beauty from heartbreak in your marriage and life. How sweet that He’s allowed you to share the wisdom you’ve gleaned in the form of your book. I’m guessing many women will be encouraged through the devotions shared. Congratulations on it’s publication!

    Sorry it took me a day to get here. I’m your neighbor at the #RaRaLinkup. It’s so nice to “meet” you!

  • I love seeing the ways God can turn heartbreak into beauty. It’s wonderful that you’re sharing your marriage testimony with so many women. It’s absolutely true that marriage is hard work, but God helps us through it. Thanks for sharing!

    Sydney Meek | meeklyloving.wordpress.com

  • Rejoicing with you on this exciting accomplishment and praising God for the testimony it was born from. May the Lord bless many as they read.

    I am emailing a link to this post to a very dear person in my life who is really struggling right now in her marriage.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  • I have been deep in hopelessness. The Lord gracefully brought to my attention what I needed to work on rather than how my husband had to change. I long desperately to share what the Lord revealed to me with other women.

  • I see hope in the fact that God still speaks to me through the small stuff. I recently felt overwhelmed and angry in my role as a wife. But God woke me and showed me how my attitude was the problem.

  • I would love to win this as I walk through a very dark season in my marriage due to infidelity- God will redeem and heal my marriage though, despite the pain!

  • It is amazing how no matter where we are in the world we all experience similar situations in life. I am very grateful for people like Jen and Rebekah, their obedience, and their resources which always advert back to scriptures. Kaylene and Jennifer Smith (The Unveiled Wife) have been great resources as well. These resources don’t just assist with marriages, but with communicating with God and having a better relationship with Him. They also guide on prayer, many of us may not know how to pray for certain things and you guides kind of give an outline for that. You guys are awesome, continue to do what you are doing and I know the Lord will continue to bless you guys, thank you for helping others.

  • I love that so many other women can relate to me and I love even more how there are so many great books and people who are there to help you get through the hard times and are they to lift you up. So excited to begin reading again and keep focusing on the greater good . God’s goodness

  • I would love to win this bundle! I don’t want to loose hope for my marriage and I pray for restoration. It’s in shambles and I know only God can help it come through.

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