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Book List for Tween Boys

Have you ever tried to find new reading material for your tween boy(s)? It can be difficult to know what is safe, what’s appropriate, what holds their interest, and what is family-friendly.

I am a mom to two boys and then a girl, so I’m currently navigating the waters of appropriate books with my boys, one of whom is a tween, the other in his mid-teen years. Between reading levels, interests and what we deem appropriate, finding a good book for them to read is often a struggle for us. I’m going to share a book list for tween boys, gathered from a post on social media. It’s certainly not comprehensive, and those of us with boys at this age and stage would gladly welcome your help by adding some of your favorites in the comments, please!

Book List for Tween Boys


Please know that I have heard of some of these books (but not all!)
and while most look good from a quick glance at reviews and descriptions,
please, please check the books ahead of time
to be sure they fit with your family’s criteria.

I’m sharing the full list over at Arabah Joy’s blog. Please come join us!

2 thoughts on “Book List for Tween Boys”

  • Thanks for posting this list! The boys have read some of the ones on the list but certainly not most. Summer reading sign up at the library starts today. We’ll be putting some books on hold!


    Rebekah Reply:

    I hope you find some good books on the list – we’re marking them off as we get through them. Thank goodness for the library and access to great books! 🙂 Happy Summer!


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