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How to Hold on to Hope in a Struggling Marriage

By all accounts, we had a strong marriage. We served in the church and had a deep commitment to our faith. Our children pursued academic and extra-curricular activities with our full support. So many things were going well for our family.

We were in our 14th year of marriage on the day that everything fell apart. Suddenly, many things about my marriage were called into question. I felt utterly terrified by what played out before my eyes. Surely it must be a mistake, though they assured me it was not.

Is your marriage struggling? Are you uncertain of how to move forward? I know the feeling, and am sharing how to hold on to hope in a struggling marriage.

Over the next few months, my marriage went from bad to worse. The troubles that knocked at our door that morning seemed to only get worse as time went on. Not only did my marriage fall apart, but we lost friends, our church, and much more.

Why did God allow this to happen to me? I was doing everything right.

While this is a part of my story, it is not all of my story. Four years later I can look back to see how God has been at work in my marriage.

In the midst of the hurt, though, how do you hold on to hope? How do you rummage through the chaos and confusion to see hope? When someone has tossed a blanket of darkness over your life, how do you find hope?

Dear friend, that is exactly where faith comes in.

Our relationship with the Lord is not just for Sundays. It’s for the good days, the sunny days. It’s also for the dark days, the tough days, and for that awful Wednesday when the devil came knocking for my marriage.

In John 8:12, Jesus reminds us that He is the light of the world. So even when the darkness is very real, we can have hope because of our relationship with Jesus. He is our hope!

Today I’m sharing how to hold on to hope in a struggling marriage at Young Wives Club. I’m grateful to Hannah and Rosie at The Young Wives Club for inviting me to share on their site this week! Come join me at their blog to read this post.

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How to Hold On To Hope in a Struggling Marriage

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3 thoughts on “How to Hold on to Hope in a Struggling Marriage”

  • I just read Fierce Love by Shauna Shanks and am telling everyone about it because she examines the struggle of living through a failing marriage from the same position you were in. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Becky,

    Thank you for so authentically sharing your story of healing in your marriage. You minister to the hearts of so many women as they put one step of faith into another as they journey through marriage. Much love to you!

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