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3 Ways to Restore the Love in Your Marriage

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One thing I’ve found in ministering to women standing for their marriage is that we often misunderstand love. I’ve heard from women who talk about “not feeling in love,” and women who say, “He just doesn’t love me anymore.” The pressing question seems to be, “How will we grow old together when we don’t feel loved?”

Perhaps you married because you felt “in love” and assumed the feelings would last. But what happened after a few months, or maybe a year, when things started to change? He didn’t respond the same way any more, or you reverted to getting frustrated too easily. He forgot to take the trash out and you felt frustrated. You stopped speaking nicely to him and he got upset easily.

Where’s the love that was once there?

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None of us desire to live in a loveless marriage, but what can we do when all the feelings point to a lack of love? How can we find hope? How can we restore the love we once had?

These are questions I’ve struggled with inside of my own marriage. The answers have been elusive at times, depending on the season of our marriage. The reality, though, is that the answers have never changed – my response, my reaction has had to change.

While the answer can seem simplistic at times, I’ve realized this is an area of marriage that requires a lot of work. I’ve also had to remember that my feelings don’t necessarily tell the truth.

If you’re already married, chances are you’re already committed to giving it your all!

I’m exploring these issues as part of a series on Building a Flourishing Marriage.

There are 3 tips that we’re looking at:
1. Learn The Language
2. Learn How to Understand Love
3. Learn to Keep Fighting

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Where's the love that was once there? If you've ever wondered this, read these 3 ways to restore the love in your marriage.

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