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Marriage Advice to Remember

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For the past few months, I’ve focused on finishing the book we’ve been putting together. I’ve read emails, responded to hurt lives, prayed with women near and far, working to keep hearts pointed to Jesus and committed to marriage. While this has been a tremendous privilege, I’ve also realized just how much advice we listen to on a daily basis.

If you’re married, I have no doubt that you’ve received a lot of advice, just as I have. I believe a lot of it is given in love from very well-meaning people. But sometimes, it’s just plain hard to figure out what to do with some of that advice.

Do you remember all the marriage advice you received? Chances are, you've forgotten some of it. I'm sharing marriage advice to remember!

“Do this,” or, “Don’t do that.”

“Treat him this way,” or “Make sure to cook a meal he loves.”

“Decide on these important things before you get married,” or, “Don’t make the same mistakes I made.”

These are important pieces of advice to consider and each piece has value.

As I was compiling thoughts for our book, I really started to think back on marriage advice that my husband and I received, and I realized that for over 18 years now, one bit of advice has stuck in my head. One!

It wasn’t your typical marriage advice, but maybe that’s why it has stayed with me. This advice was simple, and it was actionable. It was something I could put into advice on my wedding day and so many days after that. I don’t remember who gave it to me, but it has impacted my life in a dramatic way that I now share it when I write out a wedding card.

So while I could give you some solid, heavy-duty marriage advice, I realize the advice that sticks with me is the small, simple 5-word sentence that someone gave to me.

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