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Better Together

There’s a special basket it my house – never empty, always full. Every once in a while I dig in and give it my best in an attempt to empty the basket. Today was that day – the day I worked through the “lonely sock basket” to check if there were any matches for the socks in the basket. As I compared the socks, I considered how one sock is good, but you really need two to make them worthwhile. It’s the same with marriage – each person has their own good traits, but we’re better together.

Maybe this analogy fits so perfectly for me because in the world of matched pairs, I was almost the lonely sock. My marriage hit some big problems about 18 months ago – the kind of problems that you never imagine will happen to you. The rug was pulled out from under me and every part of my life came crashing down. As my marriage begins to heal and be repaired, I can truly appreciate the idea of ‘better together’.

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