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Dear Weary Mom {Stop Comparing}

Dear Weary Mom,

As moms, don’t you find that we’re always comparing our kids and ourselves to other families?  It’s so unfair, and can be so painful at times, yet we keep doing it.  We believe that God created our children as He did, for a reason.  And we might even believe that He created us the way He did, for a reason.

Dear Weary Mom {Stop Comparing}

But along with that, God already knew what kind of mother we would be, and gave us many of our strengths and traits to be used as mothers.  What if we believe that He created us to be the mothers that we are, for a reason?  Yes, we should all be learning and growing as mothers, but what if we believe that our mothering gifts and abilities come from God?

Wouldn’t that be freeing, in a sense?  You and I could be free from the comparison to other moms, and to other families, which ultimately leads to physical and mental (and sometimes even spiritual) exhaustion.

Our greatest comparison would only be to see if we are matching up to what God has called us to be.

And sisters, becoming who God has created us to be
is a life-long adventure! 

Let’s focus on our motherhood.  Let’s find some quiet time, and ask God how we are measuring up to what He wants us to be, as mothers.  Ask Him to mold you into the mother He wants you to be.

God promises that we will receive, we only need to ask.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.
-Matthew 7:7

I’d encourage us (yes, me too) to write down any words, phrases or thoughts that God gives you as you pray about your mothering.  Put them around your house as a reminder of your time with God.  Pray over those words.  Ask God to show you more of what He has planned with those words.  Ask for growth in those areas.

dearwearymom_button_whiteMoms, take your eyes off of others, and fix them only on God.  Stop comparing your family to anyone else’s family; God is calling us all to different things, so it does not make sense to compare.  Only measure your family against what God is calling you to, and ask God for more of Himself in your family, and in your mothering.

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